Universal 2D Barcode Scanner Now Available

Nellymoser, the mobile innovator and pioneer in rich media delivery, just announced the development of the Universal Action Code Scanner app which, for the first time ever, provides consumers with the ability to scan QR Codes, Microsoft Tags, Digimarc watermarks and UPC codes, all from the same scanning app. (Didn’t see that one coming although many have spoken about it.)

A representative of Nellymoser told me that the Universal Action Code Scanner will be marketed towards companies, as opposed to individual consumers, and Lucky magazine will be the first company to make use of the app under the private label “Lucky Shopper.” In the December issue of Lucky, which is due out later this week, the magazine will actively promote Lucky Shopper, which readers can download for free from the App Store or the Android Market. So, the idea, or excuse, that a consumer needs an app to scan this 2D code and an app to scan that 2D code, goes right out the window. Now, one app does it all.    

And, if by chance the Universal Action Code Scanner app cannot detect a code, the mobile phone’s camera will be automatically launched, so a photo of the advertisement, image, etc., can be taken and stored for future reference and/or sharing.

It’s also interesting to mention that Nellymoser is promoting the Universal Action Code Scanner app as a companion app, meaning that the advertiser, in this case Lucky, will provide scan resolve content to consumers, via the app, which is separate, different and exclusive versus content which may already be found on the advertiser’s website or on other pieces of collateral. The strategic marketing/branding idea here is that “companion” scan content will serve to enhance the overall brand and interactive experience, thus increasing the value delivered to the consumer, as well as the desire for the consumer to share the experience (i.e., content) socially.

With an app such as the Universal Action Code Scanner, and the ability to private label, Nellymoser has changed the 2D barcode playing field for not only advertisers and consumers, but for other providers and platforms as well. It will be interesting to see the affect this app has on Lucky magazine scan rates, circulation, product purchases, etc. Stay tuned.


2 thoughts on “Universal 2D Barcode Scanner Now Available

  1. Roger, quick confirmation:

    The Nelly Moser app will be available to everyone (in a Nelly Moser branded design, I assume) as well as in white label versions for its clients.

    Is that correct?

    Thank you.

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