AT&T, You’re Welcome

The other day, a fan of the blog forwarded to me a direct mail piece that she received from AT&T (see below). Notice anything strange about the piece? Notice the 2D barcode being used is a QR Code? This is now the second time in less than a month that I have seen AT&T make use of a QR Code (see article).

What’s going on at AT&T? Has the company abandoned the Data Matrix code for the more popular QR Code? Have they made changes to their Mobile Barcode product offering to reflect this change? Have they abandoned their relationship with MobileTag? Is this a move to catch up and become more competitive in the space? With all that I have written about AT&T (see here, here and here), questioning their platform and making suggestions related to the use of QR Codes, it would have been nice to at least get a thank you from AT&T for the free advice and input. (That’s a joke.)

If you were curious to know what the QR Code resolved to, your guess is as good as mine, I could not get it to resolve.


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