Mobile Marketing Association Awards

Last month, the Mobile Marketing Association, a global trade association for the mobile industry, announced the winners of their 7th Annual Global Mobile Marketing Awards for Innovation, Creativity and Leadership, now referred to as “The Smarties,” and it is interesting to note that only one campaign out of the 56 winners made use of 2D barcodes, QR Codes to be exact, in any prominent way.

In the promotion category, Mars Canada and Proximity Canada, the second runner-up, placed QR Codes on billboards throughout the city of Toronto, as part of the “M&M’s Find Red” campaign (see image below).

While the use and acceptance of 2D barcodes continues to grow, it will be interesting to see if more than one 2D-based campaign will make the cut and be voted a winner at next year’s awards ceremony.

Lastly, speaking of awards, please submit your nomination for the 2nd Annual Best Mobile Barcode Campaign Award by Friday, December 23rd.  This highly prestigious award (my humor) will be bestowed upon the one campaign, regardless of industry or orientation (i.e., B2C or B2B) that goes above and beyond in delivering value, relevance, benefit and meaning through a seamless interactive experience via a 2D barcode. Who will take home the check for $250,000 (my humor again)?

Note: Because I did not review all 56 of the MMA award campaigns in depth, others may have used 2D barcodes as well.


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