Questions for Microsoft Tag

As a follow up to my last post, a few questions for Aaron Getz, General Manager, Microsoft Tag:

  1. Now that Tag supports QR Codes, when will Microsoft release the number of Tag Reader apps that have been downloaded?
  2. When QR Codes start to get scanned by the Tag Reader app in any great number, will Microsoft report those figures?
  3. Did the introduction of Nellymoser’s Universal Action Code Scanner have anything to do with this strategic move or vice versa?
  4. Other than citing code reader app fragmentation, what else drove the decision to support QR Codes? I’m not a technologist but, isn’t it rare that Microsoft would embrace an open source product?
  5. Will Microsoft enable the generation of customized QR Codes? 
  6. What do you believe will happen to other proprietary 2D codes, namely SnapTag? Is it only a matter of time for them to either fall by the wayside or embrace QR Codes as Microsoft has?

Mr. Getz, thank you in advance for any information that you can share and/or provide.


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