Another Excellent QR Code Advertisement

This print advertisement by Columbia Sportswear is an example of how a 2D barcode campaign should be done.And, yet, it is so simple.

The QR Code is well-placed in the ad and features a simple, but direct call-to-action, which reads, “Scan to learn more.” Also mentioned next to the code is a URL address, which directs consumers to a web page that discusses the product/technology being shown in the ad. Note: the web page redirects, meaning that the consumer will either be directed to the desktop version or the mobile version of the page, depending on the platform being used. Brilliant.

When the QR Code is scanned, the consumer is linked to the company’s mobile website, specifically the page for the product being promoted in the advertisement. Included on this page is detailed information about the jacket, price, style number, videos of the jacket in action, color/size offerings, 1-800 number to call to order (with hours of operation), a ton of customer reviews and a add-to-cart shopping function…yes, think of it, you are on the go, like the jacket and can make a purchase right then and there. Brilliant.

With respect to the mobile site itself, the main navigation touch points are: men, women and kids, as well as the outlet, a channel that is ever increasing in importance for many brands and retailers. Also, depending on the screen, navigation points for footwear, accessories, stores and rewards are available. Brilliant.

With nothing so very earth shattering in this campaign (i.e., innovative, cutting edge, etc.), Columbia does manage to get the QR/mobile experience right, from end to end. The only comment/suggestion I would have is that instead of using a long URL to generate the code, hence the code’s dense appearance, I would recommend shortening the code. Although I had no difficulty scanning the code, a less dense and more simple code would reduce the chance of scanning failure.

2D Barcode Litmus Test: PASS


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