#Hashtags and Mobile Barcodes

Since the beginning of the year, I have noticed more and more Twitter hashtags being used in various advertising channels (e.g., print, out-of-home, television) and I wonder, will this interactive marketing tactic fare any better or any differently than mobile barcodes? From a fundamental marketing perspective, hashtags and mobile barcodes serve very much the same […]

When Interactive Marketing Fails

Recently, I saw this “interactive” print advertisement for Beauty Bar and, while clever, I am not really sure what to make of it. Printed in the center of the page, on the woman’s face, are the following “interactive” instructions: 1. Go to beautybar.com/now on your smartphone browser. 2. Place smartphone here. 3. See today’s look […]

Published in The Seybold Report

Read about “Getting it Right the First Time with 2-D Codes” in the latest issue of The Seybold Report, a subscription-paid newsletter for the publishing and printing industries. The first part of the article discusses 2DCertified, the mobile barcode certification program developed by Print2D, and the second part of the article, written by me, discusses […]

Third Times a Charm for Sports Illustrated, Maybe

You can’t blame them for trying. Recently, Sports Illustrated announced the use of digital watermarks in the soon-to-be-released 2012 swimsuit issue, as a means to enhance the reader experience. Two years ago, Sports Illustrated used JAGTAGs in the swimsuit issue, and last year the publication used Microsoft Tags. This year, it seems as though the […]