Icelandair Uses Mobile Barcode…Poorly

Icelandair has a new out-of-home campaign which makes use of a QR Code. This billboard was found on the side of a New York City phone booth kiosk.

When the consumer scans the rather dense (I’ll get back to that in a minute) QR Code, he/she is brought to a page on the desktop version of the company’s website titled “Netclub Signup.” Once on the page, the consumer is prompted to provide an email address in exchange for the latest travel fares and special offers. Gee, how original. How meaningful. How valuable. How boring. Is this the best the company can come up with? Sure, it’s one thing to request an email address and try to build a list, but it’s another to truly engage with a potential customer and attempt to win them over and earn their business. I see none of that here, do you? Also, why not optimize the mobile experience and send the consumer to a mobile website?

Beyond the scan resolve, I question the call-to-action, which reads, “Sign up for the latest fares and special deals to Iceland and beyond from Icelandair.” Does the company really believe they are going to drive traffic with a call-to-action as basic as this?

With respect to the QR Code, why generate a dense code, one that is potentially difficult to scan, instead of a more simplistic code? Instead of using a 132-character URL address to generate the code, the marketing team could have shortened the URL to just 20 characters (give or take depending on the shortener used). The look of the code would be cleaner and the scan success rate would be higher.

Lastly, to know the uniqueness of a travel destination like Iceland, I would think the company’s marketing team and/or its agency could have developed a more fun, different and engaging campaign that would accomplish the objective of building a list and that much more. Heck, at the very minimum, develop a campaign worth sharing with others.

2D Barcode Litmust Test: FAIL


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