Mobile Barcode Linked to Loyalty Program

Bloomingdale’s, a company that has used QR Codes in the past, is now running a new QR Code-based print advertisement to promote its new Loyallist rewards program.

When the code is scanned, the reader of the advertisement is brought to a 47-second video which provides basic information about the rewards program. At the end of the video, there is an “enroll now” field to enter an email address but, when touched, nothing happens. Beneath the video, there is a “learn more” button which, when touched, links to a simple mobile website that 1) enables enrollment and 2) provides more information about the program. 

Is this a revolutionary way of using a QR Code? No, not really. But it, the overall experience, works well enough and the deliverable, the rewards program, is of value to the consumer. To make the experience, the program, the offer that much more alluring, Bloomingdale’s could have offered a new member 25 or 50 “free” points as a way to say thank you for enrolling and/or thank you for scanning. Better yet, Bloomingdale’s could have offered additional “free” points for any referral to the program. Whether this last idea registers or not, the company should have social widgets on the landing site, so as to enable social sharing of the program.

Lastly, the company does a good job reaching out to non-smartphone consumers, and keeping the audience as broad as possible, by offering a text code. Nothing wrong with that.

2D Barcode Strategy Litmus Test: PASS


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