Eataly’s QR Code Shelf Talker

Eataly, the Italian food and drink emporium in the heart of New York, makes use of QR Code shelf talkers throughout the store to help shoppers learn more about the various products, and there are many, on display.

This particular shelf talker is in the beer section, and what I like so much about it is that, when scanned, the QR Code brings a shopper to a third-party website,, to read and learn more about the beer on display. Sure, Eataly could have linked the scan to their own website and offered more information and possibly some reviews, but they are not true beer experts, not like Whether this was done intentionally or not (i.e., linking to a third-party expert site for reviews and commentary versus not having to produce one more page or additional content for their own site), the tactic works well because, in my mind, it helps to raise the level of the “conversation” and moves a shopper that much further along the purchase decision path.

Having seen shelf talkers before and in a variety of settings, I believe it serves both the company and the customer well, when and where appropriate, to be able to tap into and make use of the thoughts, comments, opinions, reviews, etc. of an objective third-party.

2D Barcode Litmus Test: PASS


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