QR Codes and A/B Split Tests

Recently, I came across QRinkle, a relatively new QR Code platform/product, which was created by the full-service advertising agency Bozell and is currently in beta.

Similar to many other QR Code platforms/providers, QRinkle offers a variety of tools to help users manage their code-based campaigns more easily and efficiently, and the platform’s five main tool sets fall under these categories: generator, analytics, expiration, collaboration and A/B testing. Not much new with respect to code generator, analytics and expiration dates but, what is different, and which I have yet to see from other platforms/providers, is the ability to easily conduct A/B split tests.

For the same reasons that an advertiser would employ A/B split tests to determine the effectiveness of direct mail and email campaigns, as well as web-based landing pages, home pages, banner ads, etc., A/B split tests also make perfect sense for QR code-based campaigns. In fact, I have been an advocate for A/B split tests for some time and consider them to be a 2D barcode best practice.

In using the A/B split test function within QRinkle, what happens is that the user generates a QR Code, which is based on two URLs. When the code is scanned, the consumer has a 50/50 chance of linking to one URL or the other; the link is totally random and chosen at the time of scanning. QRinkle then reports back in real-time the number of visits to each URL. When this scanning functionality is coupled with QRinkle’s analytics package, advertisers are able to get a much more meaningful view and understanding of the consumer and, from that, can better tailor future QR code-based campaigns.

As advertisers continue to pay attention to and make use of 2D technology, it stands to reason that their approach to the technology should become that much more sophisticated over time, and this is what A/B split tests can provide, regardless of whether or not they come from a company like QRinkle.


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