Yamaha uses QR Code the Right Way

Yamaha Motors is currently running a print campaign to promote its V Star line of motorcycles, and featured in the advertisement is a QR Code.

When the code is scanned, the reader of the advertisement is linked to a mobile website, and a very good one at that, which not only provides a great deal of product information about the motorcycle featured in the print advertisement, but also information such as find a dealer, current offers, parts catalog and a text alert function, which alerts consumers about new products, features, deals, etc.

From end to end, Yamaha has thought this campaign through, from the consumer’s perspective, and it works seamlessly. It even works without having to rely solely on a product video, which so many companies in the automotive industry are loath to do.

The one item I might suggest to alter is the instructional copy next to the code. Instead of just writing “For more information” I might write, “Scan the QR Code above for more information. Download a QR Code reader from your app store.” To know that a great number of consumers are still in the dark when it comes to QR Codes, this type of copy helps them understand and interact with the technology that much easier. Also, “For more information” is not a very powerful call-to-action so, here too, the wording might change.

2D Barcode Strategy Litmus Test: PASS


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