Netbiscuits Helps Publishers with 2D Bar Codes

Netbiscuits, a leading cloud platform for the development and delivery of next generation web apps across all mobile and connected devices, is currently offering (recommending) a value-added solution to publishers, which will 1) help publishers increase the number of and revenue generated from advertisers, and 2) help the advertisers themselves create successful print advertisements which incorporate the use of 2D bar code technology ( (i.e., QR Code, Microsoft Tag, Snap Tag, etc.).

Most 2D bar code-based advertisements fail due to poor or uninteresting scan resolve content (i.e., the content that is viewed after the scan is made), and Netbiscuits works to remedy this by offering a series of easy-to-use templates, which act as the scan resolve landing pages. Built into these templates are a number of interactive features and/or capabilities, such as store locator, coupon site, sweepstakes, video landing page, email signup, customer service and feedback, social sharing, loyalty rewards, product comparisons and reviews and, get this, purchases, all of which serve to increase the value and benefit of scanning.

At a time when publishers and advertisers recognize the potential of 2D bar code technology, but may be unsure about how best to go about developing and managing the scan resolve content portion of the equation, life just got easier. With a solution like this it becomes much easier to provide consumers with content that has meaning, value, relevance and benefit–all of which help to drive advertising ROI, as well as a remarkable interactive experience for the consumer.


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