3:50 Minutes Too Long

Here’s a quiz. What type of scan resolve content is associated with the QR Code found in the print advertisement shown below? A) Home page of corporate website.B) Product page on corporate website.C) Video clip.D) Mobile-optimized landing page, which supports the QR Code’s call-to-action, and delivers value and benefit to the consumer. The correct answer […]

DHL’s QR Code Fails to Deliver

DHL may be expert at delivering packages around the globe, but the company is anything but that when it comes to delivering a meaningful and worthwhile QR Code (brand and service) experience. Let’s take a closer look. DHL ran this print advertisement in the recent issue of Bloomberg Businessweek and, when the reader of the […]

The Print to Mobile Equation

If the term “print to mobile technology” (i.e., 2D bar codes, digital watermarks, visual search, augmented reality, etc.) was a mathematical equation, it’s fairly plain to see that the word “print” makes up half of the equation and “mobile” makes up the other half. No where in the equation is the term “desktop” so, why […]

The Future of QR Codes? Maybe.

Casio recently launched a new iPhone app called Picapicamera. Instead of using black and white modules/pixels and/or other geometric designs (i.e., customized QR Codes, Microsoft Tags, SnapTags, etc.) to base a code on, Picapicamera uses an array of colored dots (red, blue, green) to act as the code. While the amount of data to be […]