3:50 Minutes Too Long

Here’s a quiz. What type of scan resolve content is associated with the QR Code found in the print advertisement shown below?

A) Home page of corporate website.
B) Product page on corporate website.
C) Video clip.
D) Mobile-optimized landing page, which supports the QR Code’s call-to-action, and delivers value and benefit to the consumer.

The correct answer is C. Surprised? Don’t be. Many QR Codes lead to videos, which is fine, when they are done correctly. So, the next question can be asked, was this one done correctly? Not entirely. Let’s take a closer look.

For starters, the animated video, while clean and well designed, is 3:50 minutes in length. 3:50 minutes is quite a long time for someone to stop what they are doing (remember the reader of the advertisement is interacting via a smartphone) and view the entire video to the very end. In this scenario, as in most, a shorter run time should boost viewership and response.

But even if the video ran shorter, the real hang up I have is that, at the end of the video, the reader of the advertisement is left right back where they started, on You Tube with more videos to watch. And this is effective B2B lead generation how? Why not link the QR Code to a web site first and then offer the video to watch? Or, link directly to the video but, at the end of the video, provide a link to the company’s home page or a product page? With the execution found in this advertisement, the lead generation process stops dead in its tracks, because there is no outlet (i.e., email address to write to, phone number to call, product information to download, local sales office address to visit, no share capability, etc.).

Also, if the target audience for this advertisement is corporate CEOs does Sage, the advertiser, really believe that a CEO would spend 3:50 minutes viewing such a video? Maybe they would, but has that variable been tested?

Lastly, the QR Code triggered video might pull a better response if there was some sort of call-to-action or description associated with the code, as well as some real value and benefit to the overall interactive experience (i.e., buy the ERP product within the next 30 days and receive X in return — an offer not given to others).

Did someone say best practices?
2D Bar Code Litmus Test: FAIL


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