GQ (Not So) Live!

Always great to see print to mobile technology at play, but it’s not so great when the campaign fails to deliver. Case in point, the September issue of GQ magazine, where, for the first-time ever, all advertisements and sections of the magazine’s editorial content were made interactive. After downloading and launching the GQ Live! app, […]

The Mobile Relevance Project

Recently, I had an opportunity to speak with Terry Ribb, Chief Marketing Officer at Relevens, Inc., about a very interesting and rather unique piece of research, which her firm completed a short time ago and presented on at DevCon5, called the “Mobile Relevance Project.” Where the majority of companies and/or individuals who research and track […]

Augmented Reality – Not Really

Did someone forget to load images into the visual search database? On the back page of today’s Section A of The New York Times, Ashford University ran an ad which featured augmented reality technology but, unfortunately, the ad/technology did not work as planned or intended. Using augmented reality technology that was supplied by Junaio, the […]

PRINT2D From Start to Finish

A Five-Part Series On The Latest Print To Mobile Company And What They Are Doing To Get It Right  From time to time, I write about print to mobile-based companies, which I believe are new and/or different in the marketplace, with respect to their product/service offering, and Santa Monica-based PRINT2D is no exception. The name […]

ScanLife’s Not So Telling Numbers

Recently, ScanLife published this infographic titled, “Mobile Barcode Trend Report – Q2 2012.” While the numbers are favorable and indicate that more consumers than ever are interested in scanning codes, there is nothing here that tells us how effective these codes may or may not have been in relation to an advertiser’s campaign goals and […]

Smartphones, Laptops and Starbucks

Here’s a random thought…without smartphones, tablets, laptops, iPods and most any other type of digital gadgetry, would Starbucks be as popular a brand, destination, experience than it is? Something tells me it wouldn’t be. Your thoughts? (Note: Because a reader didn’t seem to grasp my thought above, perhaps it needs further explanation…the other day, as […]

Are QR Codes Savable? My Reply

Scanning the news for all things QR Code, I came across an article on Digiday’s website titled, “Are QR Codes Savable?”. While the author doesn’t really commit to much, here’s my two cents (in bold). Are QR Codes Savable?by Giselle Abramovich QR codes appear to be another Second Life, a hyped fad that marketers loved […]