PRINT2D From Start to Finish

A Five-Part Series On The Latest Print To Mobile Company And What They Are Doing To Get It Right 

From time to time, I write about print to mobile-based companies, which I believe are new and/or different in the marketplace, with respect to their product/service offering, and Santa Monica-based PRINT2D is no exception. The name might ring a bell, as I have written about them selectively in the past but, now that the company is firing on all cylinders, I thought to revisit PRINT2D and share with you what I believe is now the most comprehensive platform and product offering in the print to mobile technology space.

Founded by Philip Warbasse, CEO of the Warbasse Design Agency, PRINT2D prides itself on understanding the print to mobile experience, from end to end – like no other. While most print to mobile service providers simply offer code generation, management and tracking services, PRINT2D goes way beyond with unique services such as Bar Code ParkingTM, Mobile Detection, Bar Code Validation and 19 plug-and-play mobile calls-to-action that provide much insight into the way this group of seasoned developers is thinking about the future of mobile engagement.

PRINT2D’s core product offerings include mobile website design, QR Code design, mobile hosting, and mobile tracking. But, it’s how they watch out for their clients that I find most refreshing. The PRINT2D approach to building mobile campaigns covers what they claim to be the five most vital components that every 2D bar code strategy needs in order to succeed. “A QR Code campaign is only as strong as it’s weakest link,” says Warbasse. “Once the code scans, we need to focus all of our attention on the user experience and it is from there that we measure the effectiveness of the campaign.” Warbasse makes a compelling argument for why tracking the user experience is the best way to gauge the effectiveness of a 2D bar code campaign, which you can learn all about in tomorrow’s post. Today, I’ll focus on the PRINT2D five-step approach from start to finish.

PRINT2D’s Five Step Approach to Integrated Media

Step 1 – Taking Care of the Bar Code Reader
Some bar code management companies have their own bar code reader, some do not. But, what is important to note is that no single bar code reader works on every device. While more phones are coming with bar code readers pre-installed, many carriers still seem to show little concern in offering a reader either of their own or from a third party. Perhaps this is because no single reader works well on all their devices either. So, PRINT2D offers a unique option in the form of 2DGO. This mobile web service offers users the best free readers for the device they are on. With more readers to choose from, it’s no wonder 2DGO helps get advertisers off to the right start by giving them the tools they need to help users understand and engage.

Step 2 – Selecting the Right Code for the Job
PRINT2D offers six distinct 2D bar code formats including brands as mobile triggers. Factors like size, code density and the type of medium the code will ultimately be placed on are routinely considered when deciding which type of 2D bar code will give a mobile campaign the greatest chance of being accessed and experienced. While most clients stick with QR Codes, PRINT2D acts as an independent advisor, giving them options to find the best fit for their strategy.

Step 3 – Considering the Mobile Experience
Creating and developing content for use on smartphones and tablets is very different than traditional web design. According to PRINT2D, both technical and behavioral considerations must be made in order to successfully engage mobile users. By prioritizing features, simplifying content and reducing levels of hierarchy, PRINT2D creates stunning mobile web sites that let users interact in a mobile friendly environment.

Step 4 – Tracking the Entire Experience

Tracking the code can only tell advertisers so much. By measuring the entire mobile user experience, PRINT2D helps clients understand how people are reacting to and interacting with their message in real time.

Step 5 – A Strict Approach to Reproduction
Finally, when it comes to reproducing 2D bar codes in print or television, there’s a lot to know and be aware of. The size of a code and the quiet zone necessary for it to decode are just a couple of examples of things to watch out for. PRINT2D provides its clients access to agencies and printers with the knowledge needed to successfully reproduce 2D bar codes. “The final step in the PRINT2D approach let’s our clients sleep at night. When you have a large run on the printing press or a television commercial in post production, it’s good to know your code won’t let you down,” concludes Warbasse.

PRINT2D maintains an assortment of clients, from major movie studios to family restaurants. So, what do actual PRITN2D clients have to say about all of this? Ron Burkhardt Managing Director at Newmark Grubb Knight Frank and active fundraiser for National Nonprofit – Autism Speaks summed it up best, “PRINT2D’s has always struck me as being slightly ahead of it’s time. We rely on them to show us what’s new and what really works in our ongoing efforts to reach more people on behalf of Autism Speaks.”

What strikes me in all of this is the underlying feeling that comes out of it for PRINT2D’s clients, which is the comfort in knowing that PRINT2D has their best interest in mind at every phase in a mobile campaign. The best evidence of this is in the vast array of mobile solutions they now offer.

Tomorrow, I discuss how PRINT2D’s response to its industry counterparts has created a world of opportunities. Learn why PRINT2D warns against tracking the code and why a direct approach to content is always better in the next edition of 2D Bar Code Strategy.

Please Note: This article represents an independent review of PRINT2D’s platform and services, and I was not compensated to write or publish it. PRINT2D has been kind enough, however, to provide 2D Bar Code Strategies’ loyal readership with a very special offer on mobile services. Please click here for a special offer from PRINT2D.


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