PRINT2D – Part IV – Radio Meets the Mobile Web

Smartphones are for so much more than talking these days, so how about offering a little music or entertainment to engage customers using them? Sound gimmicky? At first mention, perhaps, but large brands use alternative forms of media to position their products and services in front of potential suitors all the time – and now you can too.

PRINT2D, a mobile media company based in Santa Monica, CA, has created an interesting approach to streaming radio stations over your smartphone. Radio station tie-in’s, one of 19 calls-to-action from PRITN2D’s arsenal of mobile features, enables advertisers to deliver streaming radio to their customer’s smartphones without an app. A yoga studio may choose a relaxation station, while a surf shop may prefer an indie, alternative or college station to deliver a unique listening experience to its customers.

Radio station tie-ins can transform a traditional magazine ad, for example, into a virtual listening experience. When combined with 2D barcodes, such as a QR Code, savvy advertisers can easily enhance their traditional media to access streaming audio via a smartphone.

(Sample QR Code with Radio Tie-in)

But, here’s where it get’s even better. PRINT2D also offers segmented audio advertising and mobile display advertising, allowing your company or organization to be seen and heard without the big radio advertising expense. Upon accessing the mobile page, user’s can hear your message in the form of a 20-second, 30-second, or one minute spot followed by a live audio stream. PRINT2D produces audio commercials for a fee or you can produce and submit your own at no additional charge.

Interestingly, radio stations love PRINT2D’s new concept, because it places them in front of more targeted listeners, that they may not have found on their own, and that are likely to come back – if they enjoy what they hear.

You may be wondering, how does PRINT2D deliver streaming audio to thousands of different devices without an app? The answer is mobile detection and content delivery. PRINT2D has created a unique mobile platform that knows the type of device a consumer is using and will deliver the appropriate stream or streams automatically. This eliminates the need for users to have to download an additional app to handle the file – it’s already on the consumer’s phone.

“We are always integrating media channels in new ways, but I think they should remain separate and distinct entities,” said Philip Warbasse – Founder and CEO of PRINT2D and the brain trust behind PRINT2D’s new radio station tie-ins. “Companies that are looking to shift completely away from traditional media are in for a shock when the dust from the mobile revolution settles.”

Tomorrow, I wrap up this series with a look at PRINT2D’s designer 2D bar codes. Representing some of the best known and highest profile designer QR Codes in the industry, learn how PRINT2D uses design to increase scan rates.

Please Note: This article represents an independent review of PRINT2D’s platform and services, and I was not compensated to write or publish it. PRINT2D has been kind enough, however, to provide 2D Bar Code Strategies’ loyal readership with a very special offer on mobile services. Please click here for a special offer from PRINT2D.


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