PRINT2D – Part V – The Designer QR Code Difference

Today, I conclude my five-part series on print to mobile agency, PRINT2D, with a look at their work in the area of designer QR Codes. PRINT2D’s sister company Warbasse Design, who passed the mobile design torch to PRINT2D earlier this year, was initially responsible for creating some of the highest profile designer QR Codes in the industry. Their creations for Iron Man 2 and HBO’s True Blood were very early demonstrations of what’s possible. In 2010, Philip Warbasse’s work in integrated media advertising for television lead to the discovery of a phenomena known as “vertical crush” which refers to the impact of screen aspect ratios on the scanability of QR Codes.

Now, PRINT2D’s research into the effectiveness of mobile advertising using 2D bar codes has given them a clear understanding of what works and what doesn’t – from the user’s perspective. PRINT2D’s own research into designer QR Codes reveals that people prefer to scan custom or designer bar codes nearly 9 to 1 over traditional bar codes with no design attributes. According to PRINT2D, the psychological components that go into the decision making process include:  

  • Level of attraction – which increases when user’s have something to identify with such as color, shape and texture. 
  • Comfort level – which increases when user’s can associate the code with a brand or product they know. 
  •  Expectation level – which increases with the appeal created by multi-faceted designs. 

All PRINT2D designer 2D bar codes are created by hand and are one of a kind. All of PRINT2D’s designer bar codes adhere to its strict bar code validation standards. PRINT2D designs QR Codes, Data Matrix Codes, MS Tags and EZ Codes and they guarantee the functionality of their designer bar codes over a myriad of handsets, operating systems and readers. According to PRINT2D’s website, PRINT2D’s designer 2D bar codes range in price, but it’s not the design that the clients pay for, it’s the testing. PRINT2D prices their designer bar code services based on three levels of testing. Level one includes: Android, Blackberry, and iPhones. Level two includes level one plus: iPad, Palm, Opera and Windows devices and so on. (Click here for the full list.) “Agencies and printers like the way our designer codes look, but they love how well they work – and that’s what matters most. When it comes to designer codes, we believe form must always follow function,” concludes Warbasse.

Here’s a taste of PRINT2D’s work over the past couple of years.

PRINT2D is one of those companies that is constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the 2D bar code space. As the mobile advertising channel grows, I have no doubt PRINT2D will continue to adapt and grow to meet the demands of clients like HBO and Disney. But, it’s the dividend from those national mobile campaigns that eventually helps all PRINT2D clients in the form of new products and services – like mobile streaming video. It has been a pleasure speaking with members of PRINT2D to cover this series. Special thanks to Beth Silverstein and Philip Warbasse.

Please note, this article represents an independent review of PRINT2D’s platform and services, and I was not compensated to write or publish it. PRINT2D has been kind enough, however, to provide 2D Bar Code Strategies’ loyal readership with a very special offer on mobile services. Please click here for a special offer from PRINT2D.


One thought on “PRINT2D – Part V – The Designer QR Code Difference

  1. Loved the post and the designs. QR Codes are currently the fastest and easiest way to lead people from print to mobile. Companies are struggling to make the QR Code more presentable and visually appealing. Designing QR Codes is great but we at Visualead have been rethinking the way we look at QR Code technology. Instead of designing QR Codes we wanted to develop an ability to design WITH QR Codes. Instead of sticking a design, image or logo into a QR code, we have developed an ability to turn any design itself into a QR Code. The Tech world has gone visual and it's time the QR Code caught up.Our beta is open at http://www.visualead.comAnything you design is yours to use for free, all we ask for is your feedback.Oh and don't forget to follow us @visualead

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