Augmented Reality – Not Really

Did someone forget to load images into the visual search database?

On the back page of today’s Section A of The New York Times, Ashford University ran an ad which featured augmented reality technology but, unfortunately, the ad/technology did not work as planned or intended.

Using augmented reality technology that was supplied by Junaio, the reader of the ad is instructed to download and launch Junaio’s augmented reality app and then scan each person’s face to view a video of that individual talking about the university. Or, I should say, I assume that was the intended interactive experience because, after several scan attempts, the app simply did not work. I kept getting an error message to the effect that the image was not recognized.

What a shame. After the time, money and effort that went into this campaign, it’s too bad that it was not properly tested and validated to work. Having used AR apps before, I am hard pressed to think that Junaio’s is much different, which it’s not, and that I did not launch and/or make use of the app correctly. But even if that was the case, meaning I misused the app, how many others experienced what I experienced? How many missed opportunities did the university have and will this campaign still be able to accomplish its objectives? There were objectives weren’t there?

If this were a bar code campaign, chalk another one up in the “Fail” column.


One thought on “Augmented Reality – Not Really

  1. Hi Roger, Nice article, and I appreciate your candor. I'm terribly sorry that the junaio experience did not function properly for you, and I hope you would have written a post even if it had. I'm not entirely sure why it failed- I personally tested and iterated the tracking images (the ad) in this case hundreds of times, as did our developers and project managers, and as we do with every single project we release. "But even if that was the case, meaning I misused the app, how many others experienced what I experienced?" – we were wondering the same thing. Unfortunately, it's difficult to tell from your post where exactly the experience went wrong. Please feel free to reach out to me directly- I would love to hear your feedback on this as we want to make sure something like this never happens again. I believe you already have my email address 😉 Looking forward to hearing from you, -Trak Lord, Metaio

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