Another Swipe at QR Codes

Here’s the latest swipe at the future of QR Code technology. Yesterday, Cormac Foster, a less-than-informed technology reporter, published an article on ReadWriteWeb titled “Technology DeathWatch: QR Codes.” Let’s have at it, shall we? My comments are in bold. ReadWriteWeb Technology DeathWatch: QR Codes by Cormac FosterSeptember 10, 2012 The ReadWriteWeb DeathWatch has tagged 13 companies […]

(Not So) Mobile Marketer

For the executives at Mobile Marketer, the publication which bills itself as “the leading publisher of news, analysis and opinions on mobile marketing, media and commerce,” I have a question, why do you not have a mobile version of your website? Do you yourselves not view mobile in the same way that you often report […]

Netbiscuits World

Each year, Netbiscuits brings together some of the most successful and influential mobile marketers to New York City for a day of presentations, panels, discussions and networking that highlight how the company’s clients and partners are creating, delivering and optimizing web apps for all connected devices. It gives me great pleasure to announce that I […]