(Not So) Mobile Marketer

For the executives at Mobile Marketer, the publication which bills itself as “the leading publisher of news, analysis and opinions on mobile marketing, media and commerce,” I have a question, why do you not have a mobile version of your website? Do you yourselves not view mobile in the same way that you often report about it?

These questions are not meant to be critical, but to be constructive in the sense that, perhaps, there is something for others to learn here. Maybe there are budgetary and/or other resource constraints which prevent the development and support of a mobile site. Maybe there is research which points to the fact that most readers view the site on the desktop and there is that much less of a need for a mobile version. Maybe a mobile version is in the works and it just has not been rolled out yet.

If that wasn’t enough, there is something else that I find puzzling about the publication’s website. On Mobile Marketer’s homepage, a company called OpenMarket currently displays a banner ad which, when touched on while viewing on a smartphone, brings the viewer to the desktop version of the company’s website. Of course, Mobile Marketer has nothing to do with OpenMarket’s linked content, but the question can be asked again, where’s the mobile website?

Based on the About Us section, OpenMarket states that it is “100% focused on providing a comprehensive set of mobile solutions to allow our customers to engage and transact with consumers via their wireless devices. As a market leader, our mission is to remove the complexity and fragmentation of the mobile ecosystem, enabling enterprises in any industry to drive relevant consumer engagement via the mobile channel.” If that’s the case then how does the company explain the fact that it has no mobile website? And, to go one step further, the question could be asked, how do potential OpenMarket customers feel knowing that the company has no mobile presence? Does this make them feel any more secure or comfortable in their hiring OpenMarket as a vendor?

Also, on a side note, wouldn’t OpenMarket be better served if their banner ad, which I assume is meant for sales lead generation purposes, linked to a landing page, which specifically reinforced the message in the banner ad? Why drive traffic to the homepage and force prospects to find their way to whatever it is that’s being advertised?

Again, just a few observations and questions to ask, all meant to be constructive. Anyone from Mobile Marketer or OpenMarket care to comment?


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