Lufthansa Flies Right with QR Code

Lufthansa has been running a series of print ads which feature a QR Code, and it’s nice to see a company get a QR Code campaign right for a change.

When the QR Code is scanned, the reader of the advertisement is brought to a well-designed mobile website, which has the following menu options: book your flight, share (social widgets which enable sharing), complete travel comfort (explains the amenities found on board), advanced connectivity (explains the availability of in flight web access and online and mobile check-in) and culinary delights.

What I specifically like about this campaign is the way the video is offered for viewing. Unlike many scan resolves which immediately launch into a video (i.e., no viewing options for the consumer), the video in this campaign can be viewed at the consumer’s discretion. To me, this speaks to user experience and being mindful of what’s in the best interest of the user/consumer, not the advertiser. Is more leg work involved in setting the campaign up in this manner, yes, but it makes perfect sense and aligns with best practice. 

2D Bar Code Strategy Litmus Test: PASS


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