QR Code Done Right at Point of Sale

Barefooters, a new shoe company based in Canada, launched an interesting point of sale/packaging campaign using a QR Code. Here’s how it works.

The QR Code above is printed on the side of a Barefooters shoe box. When the QR Code is scanned, the consumer is linked to a mobile optimized landing page which offers three touch options: 1) Hear what the company is saying, 2) Hear what customers are saying, and 3) Tell us what you have to say. When Options 1 and 2 are touched, the consumer is linked to a page that offers the ability to play a company/customer message, pause the company/customer message, or go to the next company/customer message, respectively. Additionally, there are buttons for Twitter and Facebook, which enable the consumer to share the mobile site (product and scan experience) socially.

Here’s what I love about this campaign: 1) the company displays the QR Code on and takes advantage of advertising real estate that has already been “paid” for — the shoe box, 2) the company links the code to a mobile optimized landing page/site, 3) the company offers true value in that it provides prospective customers with real-life customer product reviews, 4) the company offers consumers the ability to socially share the experience, as well as the product/brand, and 5) the company offers a compelling call-to-action with the code (Scan and Listen to what others are saying. Tell us what you think!).

It’s fairly obvious that the company’s marketing team developed this campaign, from start to finish, with the consumer in mind. If I were a product goods company, shoes or otherwise, I’d make note of this campaign and use it as a model to build on.

Lastly, it should be mentioned that the firm behind the code and the scan resolve content is PRINT2D, a name which should be familiar by now, as they are one of the best in the print to mobile business.

2D Bar Code Strategy Litmus Test: PASS


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