LendingTree’s QR Code to Nowhere

Can it get any worse than this?

LendingTree is running a print ad with a QR Code and the ‘experience’ is less than ideal.

When the code is scanned, the reader of the ad is linked to a web page that reads, “Are you lost? The page that you’re looking for has been moved, deleted or does not exist.” Did someone, anyone, at LendingTree forget to flip the switch? How does this happen? Or, the question could be asked, why does this happen? Each and every touch point between a consumer and the brand matters, QR Code scan resolves no exception.

At first, I thought the meager size of the code was bad enough (it borders on being too small to be scanned), but to resolve to a Error 404 page is even worse.

If there is no interest in carrying through with the scan resolve experience companies need not bother in the first place. All this is an annoyance to consumers, giving them negative brand sentiment to work with and share.

2D Bar Code Strategy Litmus Test: FAIL


3 thoughts on “LendingTree’s QR Code to Nowhere

  1. The link was broken for days, so who knows how many consumers were lost as viable prospects…all because the code/website were not mapped correctly. Testing needs to be methodical and rigorous.

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