Mobile Endorsements

When an athlete endorses a particular product, it’s assumed, rightly or wrongly, that the athlete actually believes in the product and uses it regularly. When a company endorses mobile, because that’s the very product, service or solution that the company offers and promotes, doesn’t the same assumption, as with the athlete, take place and hold true? Wouldn’t an existing or prospective customer assume that if a company markets and sells mobile that the company actually makes use of mobile?

Recently, I came across a mobile-based company named iMobitrax, and thought to look them up via my smartphone. When I found the company’s website in the search results, I touched on it and, much to my surprise, I was linked to the desktop version of the company’s website. What, no redirect to a mobile site or landing page? Why?

If a company is in the business of helping other companies learn about and make use of mobile, wouldn’t it stand to reason that the company itself would have a mobile site/presence? Is it just me? Try reading through the graphic found on iMobitrax’s home page on a smartphone and it can’t be done, easily.

As I have written before, marketing, whether it be traditional, digital, mobile, etc., needs to be frictionless for the B2C or B2B consumer. And, just as importantly, if a certain brand persona is to be projected into the marketplace the company behind the persona should make good on it. A company shouldn’t say it’s socially responsible without actually being socially responsible. A company shouldn’t say it does this or that faster than the competition if, in fact, it doesn’t. A mobile-based company shouldn’t pride itself as being “industry leading,” as iMobitrax does, if it doesn’t even have a mobile site and offer a mobile experience. Does this make any sense?


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