The Great QR Code Disconnect

When I look at this current print ad from sohoConcept, I see a design aesthetic that’s clean, simple, direct and somewhat sophisticated. But, when I scan the ad’s QR Code, I see anything but clean, simple, direct and sophisticated. Why? Because the code scans to the desktop version of the company’s website, not a mobile site. Instead of […]

QR Codes to Support or Promote

When using QR Codes in a campaign, marketers need to ask themselves this critical question: When the QR Code is scanned, is the ensuing experience meant to support or promote the product or service, or both? It’s a simple question, but after reviewing literally hundreds of QR Code-based campaigns, it seems as though most marketers […]

Perfect Use of QR Code

The Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), the organization behind New York’s zoos and aquariums, uses a QR Code on the back of their membership card, and the experience triggered by scanning the code is spot on. When the QR Code is scanned, members are brought to a mobile web site, which features links to the aquarium […]