Vote on this QR Code

The City of New York Board of Elections ran a public service announcement in today’s local newspaper, and featured in the PSA is a QR Code.

What I like about the announcement is that it provides very clear instructions, including a visual image (see below), on how to scan the QR Code with a smartphone. Heck, it even does this in four different languages. 

But, what I don’t like about the code experience is that it links to a desktop website, not a mobile site, which makes it difficult for the reader of the announcement to make use of the valuable and timely information that the Board is trying to make available to the public.

Once again, we have an organization trying to engage with individuals via an interactive code experience but, for whatever reason, the organization decides to put roadblocks (i.e., a desktop website) in the way of individuals. Why? Mobile marketing, as well as any other type of marketing, needs to be frictionless. 

2D Bar Code Litmus Test: FAIL


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