Different Use of QR Code

It’s always interesting to see how companies choose to make use of QR Code technology. Currently, Lord & Taylor is running an in-store promotion for card applications, and displayed on the billboard is a QR Code.

When a shopper scans the code, he/she is brought to a mobile optimized page that asks if the shopper is applying for the card in store or online. If “in store” is selected the shopper is prompted to enable location services on their phone, as this will improve the experience. After selecting in store or online, the shopper is brought to a second page which asks for an email address. The reason for providing an email address is that, in case the connection is dropped, Lord & Taylor will send an email to the shopper so he/she can finish completing the application process. After that page, the application starts in earnest, asking for name, address, etc., etc.

What I like about this campaign is that is supports the brand in one simple way and there are no mixed messages (i.e., trying to mix brand support with product promotion). Additionally, the code is prominently displayed on the billboard, scan instructions are provided and a URL address is listed in case a shopper wishes to make use of it.

Because I did not go through the whole process of applying for a card, I wonder just how ‘improved’ the experience might have been if a shopper selected “in store” and enabled location services on their smart phone. What could have been so ‘improved?’ Just wondering.  

2D Bar Code Litmus Test: PASS


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