The Great QR Code Disconnect

When I look at this current print ad from sohoConcept, I see a design aesthetic that’s clean, simple, direct and somewhat sophisticated. But, when I scan the ad’s QR Code, I see anything but clean, simple, direct and sophisticated. Why? Because the code scans to the desktop version of the company’s website, not a mobile site. Instead of clean, simple and direct the experience is now anything but because, in order to read and learn about the company and its products, the consumer needs to pinch, scroll and flick their way through the site. To me, this is the great QR Code disconnect, and why it continues to plague marketers and advertisers who wish to use QR Codes in their campaigns I have no idea.

Some time ago, I wrote about a term that I refer to as the Print to Mobile Equation, and it goes something like this. If the term ‘print to mobile technology’ (i.e., QR Codes, digital watermarks, visual search, augmented reality, etc.) was a mathematical equation, it’s fairly plain to see that the word ‘print’ makes up half of the equation, and ‘mobile’ makes up the other half. No where in the equation is the term ‘desktop.’ So, why then, is desktop content being showed/used on a mobile platform? Hence the great disconnect.

And, if that’s not enough, where’s the value for the consumer and how is that being delivered via the QR Code and the ad in general?

2D Bar Code Litmus Test: FAIL


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