My 500th Blog Post & What’s Next

With this, my 500th post, I thought to step away from writing about QR Code campaigns and marketing strategy, and recap how and why I started 2D Bar Code Strategy, what I’ve achieved as a result and what comes next.

How and Why
In November 2007, as the banking crisis started to unravel, I was laid off as a Business Development Manager of a well-known global bank. After giving myself some time to recoup my thoughts and energies, I started to actively search for a new position in marketing management but, instead of focusing on the financial services industry, I thought to focus on companies that provided products and services which could help a firm increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their overall marketing activity.

Over time, as I conducted my search, I kept coming across articles and research which discussed mobile marketing and technology and, the more I read, the more intrigued I became with the potential of this medium/channel/platform from a marketing and commerce perspective. As a result, I redefined my job search objectives and decided to focus on mobile-based companies.

In the process of calling on companies and people in the mobile industry, I was able to speak with a co-founder of one of the largest and most successful 2D bar code companies in the world. In speaking with this person, he suggested I blog about the newly emerging field of 2D bar codes, as a way to learn about mobile marketing and technology and to network with leaders in the industry. After giving the suggestion much thought and consideration, I launched 2D Bar Code Strategy.

What I’ve Achieved 
As a result of writing 2D Bar Code Strategy, I have gone from knowing next to nothing about mobile marketing and technology, to knowing enough to be considered a thought leader on the subject by well-respected people in the industry. While this is something that I would never have imagined happening, it appears as though my style and ability to communicate, analyze situations, solve problems and share stories and ideas has meant something to the 350,000+ global readers of the blog, the 800+ global members of my LinkedIn group, the 700+ followers on Twitter and the dozens of people who have read my published by-line articles and listened to my conference presentations.

In addition, I have been able to establish relationships with many key figures in the print-to-digital field and the mobile marketing industry, in general, and the amount that I have been able to learn from these individuals has been tremendous and invaluable. 

What’s Next 
As an ever increasing number of companies consider the use of print-to-digital technology and/or the development, integration, implementation and monetization of a mobile channel, I want to continue offering my consultative services to help these companies achieve success. Additionally, I plan to continue writing about print-to-digital technology best practice, strategic/tactical marketing and the user experience.


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