Kate Upton, Gillette and QR Codes

In today’s New York Times, Gillette launched a full-page advertisement, which prominently features a QR Code, as well as super model Kate Upton. Sure the ad will garner attention and generate buzz thanks to the image of Ms. Upton, but what of the QR Code?

The company’s marketing/creative team did a good job linking the QR Code with the ad’s call-to-action (How Does Kate Upton Like Her Man’s Body Styled? Read Her Mind.), which is something that is often missing from a QR Code-based ad.

When the QR Code is scanned, the reader of the ad is brought to a 30-second You Tube video, which features Ms. Upton talking about grooming tips for men. When the video finishes, two touch buttons appear on screen, one titled “Buy Now” and the other titled “Learn How.” When the “Buy Now” button is touched the reader of the ad is linked to a page that lists a number of on-line merchants where Gillette products can be purchased. When the “Learn How” button is touched the reader is linked to a page on Gillette’s main corporate website, which features the new product for which the ad campaign has been created.

While it’s hard to determine just how successful the campaign may or may not be, I can say that, although rather simple in its execution, the QR Code experience works from end to end. It’s also interesting to see how prominent Gillette placed the QR Code in the ad, all without any copy points talking about the code itself (i.e., Scan the QR Code, or Download a QR Code Reader App, etc.). I believe this speaks to how popular QR Codes have become and how that many consumers now know what to do with a code when they see one.

To know how CPG companies like Gillette rely so heavily on market research, I wonder if Gillette researched QR Codes specifically before developing the campaign.

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