MaaS (Mobile as a Service)

At the recently held Custom Content Conference, Julie Ask (VP, Forrester Research) gave a presentation titled “Real Time Marketing,” which focused on three main topics about mobile: 1) the state of mobile today, 2) the key trends in mobile and 3) the implications that mobile has for marketers. While Ms. Ask’s 56-slide presentation was packed […]

Ubleam, I Bleam, We All Bleam

There’s a new and different print-to-digital technology/platform on the market and it’s name is Bleam. Developed by Ubleam, a French company, Bleam offers advertisers an alternative to QR Codes in that they are designed in a totally different manner and, it’s reported, they can be scanned more easily. Instead of the overall square design and format […]

QR Codes and Brand Value

The other day, I had a conversation with someone about QR Codes and brand value, and it went something like this: Question: Does a QR Code in a print advertisement add value to a company’s brand? 2DBS Answer: No. Question: Why not?2DBS Answer: Because QR Codes are merely a technology, a tool. Nothing more, nothing less. Question: […]

SnapTags Are the Best, or Not

In a recent article (see below), the author compares, and touts, a print-to-mobile technology called SnapTag to QR Codes, but does so knowing very little about QR Code technology. Or, at least, that’s the impression given based on the comments made. Take a closer look. My comments/questions are in bold. SnapTags: The beautiful (and more […]