B2B QR Code Failure…Why?

Bemis, the product packaging company, is currently running a B2B print campaign, which features a QR Code.

When the QR Code is scanned, the reader of the ad is brought to a page on the desktop version of the company’s website. Nothing more, nothing less. And this strategy or tactic will generate sales leads how?
I believe it’s widely understood and/or assumed that a major objective of B2B advertising and promotion is to generate qualified leads to keep the sales pipeline full. So, how does the marketing brain trust at Bemis explain this print ad and the way the QR Code is being used? Once on the scan resolve landing page, there is no call-to-action, reason, incentive, motivation, etc. for the prospect to engage and/or interact with, so the chance of them moving further along the purchase decision path is minimal. If that’s the case, what could the objective of a campaign like this possibly be?
Forget the QR Code for a moment. Why are marketing fundamentals disregarded when it comes to B2B marketing, advertising and promotion? What does Bemis hope to gain from this marketing spend? Better yet, how will they justify it? With all of the talk about marketing ROI, metrics, analytics, etc., in my mind, it all boils down to commonsense and fundamentals. And, with this ad there’s nothing commonsense or fundamental about it. 
If I’m wrong about all of this I hope someone from Bemis can explain it to me.
2D Bar Code Litmus Test: FAIL

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