Say One Thing But Do Another

It’s always amusing to read how a company says or promotes one thing, but does another, especially when it’s a marketing related company.

In this case, NeoMedia Technologies, a company that provides a QR Code generation, tracking and management platform, Tweets “build customer interaction & engagement [with QR campaigns]”, yet, when you click on the link in the Tweet it goes to a webpage (see below) that’s anything but engaging.


When I click on the “Go to full site” link found on the page, I’m brought to the company’s desktop-version home page, and there’s absolutely nothing interactive, engaging or interesting on the page.

If I’m an advertiser looking to learn about and/or use QR Codes, why would I want to work with NeoMedia? The link in the Tweet should go to a mobile optimized landing page or a mobile optimized website page, the content of which should serve to move the prospect further along the purchase decision path. What’s so difficult? It’s basic B2B marketing.


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