Why Can’t B2B Companies Get Marketing Right?

It never ceases to amaze me…

This morning, I noticed a Tweet from a company called Wipro (see below).

Wipro 2

This is how the company describes itself on its website (the bold italics are mine): “Wipro helps customers to do business better (seems like their grammar is off?) leveraging our industry-wide experience, deep technology expertise, comprehensive portfolio of services and a vertically aligned business model. Our 55+ dedicated emerging technologies ‘Centers of Excellence’ enable us to harness the latest technology for delivering business capability to our clients.

Wipro is globally recognized for its innovative approach towards delivering business value and its commitment to sustainability. Wipro champions optimized utilization of natural resources, capital and talent. Today we are a trusted partner of choice for global businesses looking to ‘differentiate at the front’ and ‘standardize at the core’ through technology interventions.

In today’s world, organizations will have to rapidly reengineer themselves and be more responsive to changing customer needs. Wipro is well positioned to be a partner and co-innovator to businesses in their transformation journey, identify new growth opportunities and facilitate their foray into new sectors and markets.”

(I love when technology companies get caught up in buzz words and lofty mission-speak, and can never explain what they do in ten words or less.)

When I clicked on the link in the Tweet, I was brought to the web page shown below. Question, if I may, to Wipro’s marketing brain trust, if your company sits at the forefront of technology, etc., why is the link in your Tweet bringing me to the desktop version of your company’s website? If most people read Twitter on their mobile device, which I assume most do, why not bring me to a mobile optimized landing page, so it’s easier for me to learn about and engage with your company, its products and the brand?


If I was a prospect at the NRF Conference  I would not waste my time pinching and flicking my mobile screen just to read some basic company and/or product information. And, beside that, there’s no reason or call-to-action asking for me to do so.  So, again, why should I take the next step?

Call-to-action…it’s simple and it’s B2B Marketing 101, but so many companies fail to use one in their marketing and promotions, or they use one incorrectly. And, when this happens, the marketers look at each other and wonder why the campaign failed.

At every touch point, at every interaction, at every turn on the purchase decision path, companies need to ask themselves, what’s in it for the prospect or customer? How are we satisfying the prospect’s or customer’s needs, wants, desires, values  or expectations? It should never be a matter of what’s easier for the company (i.e., reuse desktop content on a mobile platform), or what’s in it for the company. Think prospect or customer first, and that’s how marketing gets done right.


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