What Crayola Knows About Crayons & Customer Service

My four-year-old daughter loves to color in her coloring books and notepads. A couple of weeks ago, while coloring, my daughter asked me to join in, which I most certainly did. As we sat on the floor talking about this or that, and coloring this or that, we started to talk about the color names used for the crayons we were using, which were from Crayola. My daughter found some of the names to be very funny and, then, I put a thought in her head…what if you came up with your own color names and we sent a letter to Crayola with your ideas? She was beside herself with excitement. The names couldn’t come out of her mouth fast enough.

We got a piece of paper and wrote a letter to Crayola with about ten different color names. When finished, we put the letter in an envelope, which was addressed to no one in particular at Crayola, and mailed it on the way to her school later that afternoon. Personally, I never thought we would get a response. My daughter, on the other hand, had more faith.

About two weeks passed and, when I got home one night, my daughter greeted me with a big smile and said, “Daddy, I got a package today! Guess who it’s from!” I had no clue, so I played along and just guessed different people, friends, family, teachers, etc. “Nope,” she said, “I got a package from Crayola!” I’ll be darned.

Sure enough, a company representative wrote back with a personalized letter to my daughter, along with a couple of coloring activity books and a set of four crayons (red, blue, green, yellow, the original four colors that Crayola came out with about a hundred years ago). How wonderful to see the joy on my daughter’s face.

Did the company have to do this? No, certainly not. But they did and this is why the brand remains as strong with kids, and parents, as ever.

When marketers, and brands, are so caught up with all things mobile, digital, social, big data, media placement, SEO, CPC, etc., they should not lose sight of what a simple mail package, and superior customer service, can do to build brand equity, strengthen customer relationships and loyalty, and to generate positive word-of-mouth. Sometimes a little goes a long way. And, sometimes, something that’s not computer or technology-based wins the day.


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