Hey Jack, Why No Customer Service? – Part II

This is a follow-up to a previous article.

Over two weeks ago, I contacted Jack Spade in regard to a product issue that I was experiencing and, in that time frame, I only heard from the company once. Other than asking for the name and email address of the person who purchased the messenger bag that I had a problem with, the company has been radio silent on the matter.

Due to my frustration in not hearing from the company, yesterday, I posted an article on this blog and promoted the article on LinkedIn and Twitter. In addition, I sent an email to the company’s CEO and CMO, which referenced the blog article.

This morning, bright and early, I received a voice message from Kate, a Jack Spade customer service manager, which said that she was sorry to hear of my customer service experience and expressed an interest to help make things better. Well, if that doesn’t beat all…no real movement on my initial service request for over two weeks but, once the CEO and CMO get involved, things can’t happen fast enough.

I called Kate back and she was very apologetic for the level of service that I was given. Kate made a point to say that this is not how customers are normally treated at Jack Spade, especially if they have a service issue. To make things right, Kate plainly asked, what would I like to have happen given the situation? Before I could answer, she said that I could look online and choose any other bag that I would like and it would be sent free of charge. Wow! That’s quite a turn. I told Kate that her offer was more than I expected, and that it was greatly appreciated. Again, Kate reiterated that the service I received is not normal, and she hoped that her offer would make things right. Yes, Kate, it did. Thank you. But, I still have to ask and wonder, how did the situation get like this to begin with? Where are the checks and balances to ensure that a customer, such as myself, doesn’t slip through the service resolution cracks.

In situations like this, companies have a distinct opportunity to win back a customer and increase brand equity. Just a few days ago, I was negative on Jack Spade and people around me knew it. Now, after making a gesture such as the one Kate did, my mindset and perception has changed 180 degrees to the positive, and now people know this too. If you represent a company, which type of customer would you rather? Thought so.


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