Day Late and Dollar Short…Why This Matters to the Customer Experience

Dear Rowenta Customer Service,

Three business days ago, I wrote to your company, via a customer service form found on your website, about a problem I was having with a recently purchased product. The email confirmation I received from your company said:

“Dear Mr Marquis, We have received your request for assistance under reference number 151102-XXXXX. You will receive a response within a maximum of 2 business days.”

Since it’s been more than two business days and I have not heard from you, I’m writing to ask what I should do next. Should I write to you again like I am now? Should I give up hope and just work out the problem myself? Should I give you a few more days to contact me? Seriously, please tell me, I’d love to know. 


A very unsatisfied customer

Although I did not actually send this letter to Rowenta, I still have to ask the question, why do companies do this? Why do they go to all of the trouble to set a certain service related expectation in the mind of a customer and then not deliver on it? The marketing team at Rowenta should know better, because it’s not as if the company just started business yesterday.

In today’s business world, companies cannot fail when it comes to the customer experience. Before, during and AFTER the sale, the customer experience must be delivered in a seamless and frictionless manner and, just as importantly, in accordance to the expectations that the company puts forth to its customers. If Rowenta cannot deliver on a two-day turn around then they should not make mention of it, or promise it. It should be that simple.

Walk in the customer’s shoes…this is the best way marketers can determine which part(s) of the customer experience that may need to be fixed and which part(s) works well.


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