B2B QR Code Failure…Why?

Bemis, the product packaging company, is currently running a B2B print campaign, which features a QR Code. When the QR Code is scanned, the reader of the ad is brought to a page on the desktop version of the company’s website. Nothing more, nothing less. And this strategy or tactic will generate sales leads how? […]

QR Codes and Brand Value

The other day, I had a conversation with someone about QR Codes and brand value, and it went something like this: Question: Does a QR Code in a print advertisement add value to a company’s brand? 2DBS Answer: No. Question: Why not?2DBS Answer: Because QR Codes are merely a technology, a tool. Nothing more, nothing less. Question: […]

The Great QR Code Disconnect

When I look at this current print ad from sohoConcept, I see a design aesthetic that’s clean, simple, direct and somewhat sophisticated. But, when I scan the ad’s QR Code, I see anything but clean, simple, direct and sophisticated. Why? Because the code scans to the desktop version of the company’s website, not a mobile site. Instead of […]

Beer, QR Codes and Mobile

Recently, Kirin, the Japanese beer company, launched a print ad with a QR Code. Based on the experience I had scanning the QR Code, it seems as though the company knows more about beer than advertising which, I suppose, makes sense up until the point the company wants consumers to learn about and actually buy […]

Augmented Reality – Not Really

Did someone forget to load images into the visual search database? On the back page of today’s Section A of The New York Times, Ashford University ran an ad which featured augmented reality technology but, unfortunately, the ad/technology did not work as planned or intended. Using augmented reality technology that was supplied by Junaio, the […]

3:50 Minutes Too Long

Here’s a quiz. What type of scan resolve content is associated with the QR Code found in the print advertisement shown below? A) Home page of corporate website.B) Product page on corporate website.C) Video clip.D) Mobile-optimized landing page, which supports the QR Code’s call-to-action, and delivers value and benefit to the consumer. The correct answer […]