Mobile Barcode Certification Program

Last week, Print2D, the Santa Monica-based mobile technology firm, announced its 2DCertified program for print service providers. As stated in the company’s press release, “The certification program will offer much-needed training for printers using QR Codes and other 2D barcode formats in their customers’ printed collateral, signage, apparel, and advertising and point-of-sale materials.” While there […]

Giorgio Armani uses Image Recognition

Giorgio Armani launched a new interactive print advertisement to promote its new Sport Code fragrance, and the interactive method used in the advertisement is based on WiMO’s image recognition technology. In the lower left-hand corner of the advertisement is copy which reads, “Scan this ad to receive a free sample. This ad is WiMo enabled. […]

Most Innovative Use of QR Codes Yet

Recently, Scandinavian Airlines launched one of the most innovative QR Code-based promotional campaigns that I have yet to see. As part of the company’s “Couple Up to Buckle Up”  2 for 1 travel campaign, Scandinavian Airlines displayed two QR Codes, side by side, on a variety of mediums (e.g., email, banners, print advertisements, etc.). The […]

SnapTags (Do Not) Push Scanning Technology Forward

Yesterday, an article on Publishers Weekly titled “SnapTags Push Scanning Technology Forward – Move Over, QR Codes” caught my eye, and there are a few items that I question the author, Gabe Habash, on. First, the title itself. Mr. Habash, how are SnapTags pushing scanning technology forward? As far as I know, the SnapTag technology/user […]

BP uses AR via QR

Recently, British Petroleum (BP) launched this two-page print advertisement to promote its support of theĀ  U.S. Olympic and Paralympic teams in next year’s Olympics, and featured in the ad is a QR Code. There are several things in this advertisement worth discussing, so let’s start with the QR Code. (Note: the left- and right-hand page […]