Valpak uses SPARQ.ME QR Code

Valpak, one of the leading direct marketing companies in North America, is teaming up with SPARQ.ME (formerly SPARQCode) to launch a new direct mail package on behalf of two of its partners, TNT and HGTV. Valpak wanted to deliver greater value for these two companies above and beyond a simple print advertisement, and thought QR […]

Starz uses AT&T Mobile Barcode

Here’s a new one…a 2D barcode from AT&T. Cable station, Starz, is running a campaign to promote a new series called “Spartacus-Gods of the Arena.” In the billboard advertisements that I have seen on New York City telephone booths there is a 2D barcode featured, which has been generated through AT&T. When the code is […]

Nat Geo uses QR Code

A quick post, as I return to my office from the holiday weekend, which I hope you and yours were able to enjoy. National Geographic is currently running this multi-channel campaign to promote its television show “Great Migrations.” Featured in the advertisement is a QR Code which, when scanned, brings the reader to a mobile […]

New Lifetime Series uses JAGTAG

Cable television station, Lifetime, is now running this campaign to promote its latest series “The Fairy Jobmother.” This billboard advertisement was spotted on a New York City bus shelter and it features a JAGTAG code. Per the instructions on the billboard, I scanned the JAGTAG code and emailed it to the address provided. A minute […]

FOX’s Fringe uses QR Code

Several weeks ago, FOX Broadcasting Company launched a new campaign called FOX Codes and, since then, I have seen several billboards, print advertisements and web pages with the codes, which are essentially QR codes. This new print advertisement promotes the FOX program “Fringe” and is one of the few co-branded 2D barcode advertisements that I […]

New IFC Series uses Microsoft Tag

The Independent Film Channel has recently placed this print advertisement in Entertainment Weekly to promote a new series called Todd Margaret. The ad features a Microsoft Tag which, when scanned, resolves to a trailer for the show; nothing more, nothing less. As seen before in similar print ads, it looks like the creative/marketing/mobile/interactive team just […]

HBO uses Branded 2D Barcode

HBO recently launched a three-page magazine advertisement to promote its new series Boardwalk Empire. The ad features a branded QR code which resolves to a mobile page that offers an exclusive trailer of the series…yawn. Let’s talk about content, offer and call to action for a moment. It’s one thing for a consumer to stop […]

FOX TV uses QR Codes

Last month, FOX Broadcasting Company announced that they will be using QR codes, known as FOX Codes, to deliver promotional and added show content for FOX fall programming. The FOX codes will appear in outdoor signage, print, on-air and online and, when scanned, they will resolve to mobile websites, which provide insider content, videos, first-look […]