Marketing Kept Simple

Recently, Click Z published an article by Bryan Eisenberg titled, “Increase the Persuasive Momentum of Your Conversion Funnels,” and the question I have to ask Mr. Eisenberg after reading the article is, why do you go to such great lengths to explain an aspect of marketing and sales when, in reality, it can be summarized […]

Marketing Inflection Points

Have you ever heard of the term or concept of marketing inflection points? Probably not, since I just coined it. By definition, an inflection point​ is a turning point after which a dramatic change, with either positive or negative results, is expected to result. When used in the context of marketing, I see an inflection […]

Shining a Light on QR Codes

The article below was found on Gizmodo, and I wonder how serious the author, Chris Mills, was in writing it. See my comments in bold throughout. This Clever Design Could Replace Ugly QR Codes With Light Chris Mills November 17, 2014 Gizmodo QR codes are certainly practical, but they’re also dumb and stupid and ugly and instantly […]

For Marketers: When Being Different is the Same

Recently​, ​ posted an article on holiday marketing strategies (see below). In the article, nine senior-level executives were asked their thoughts on what companies can do, from a marketing perspective, to stand out from the competition during the upcoming holiday shopping season. Of the executives that were interviewed, the majority of them said that companies […]

Marketing By A Thread

Men’s socks are not the most glamorous, exciting or fashion-forward pieces of apparel to talk about, but there is one company in the industry, GOLDTOE, which I believe other companies, in and out of the apparel industry, can learn from, especially as it relates to product marketing. A few days ago, I needed to buy […]

Wallet Share

Recently, I received a new Slate credit card from Chase Bank and, as I placed the card in my wallet, next to three or four other cards, I noticed something different. The edge of the card was not like all of the other cards, but light blue, the same light blue used on the front […]

Metrics for Metrics Sake

Recently, Warby Parker, the self-proclaimed disruptor of the eye-glass industry, opened a retail store in my neighborhood and, after reading a number of articles about the company, I thought to pay the store a visit to see the company’s product firsthand and to experience the brand from both a consumer’s, as well as a marketer’s, […]

Asymmetric Marketing

As a marketing professional, brand origination (e.g., history, logo, persona, etc.), management and strategy always fascinates me, and there is one company that I always marvel at when it comes to branding, The North Face. Many years ago, I was skiing in New Hampshire with friends and, while waiting on line for the chair lift, […]