Most of the testimonials below were written when the blog focused on 2D bar code use and strategy, but others relate to my writing on general marketing topics and observations.

“Keep up the blog. Good stuff!” –Partner, Bloom Group

“I’ve caught some of the entries in your blog and they’re solid.”–Publisher, The Bar Code News

“…Roger Marquis, one of the most important thinkers and influencers on the 2D bar code topic…”–Regional Marketing Manager-Europe, ScanBuy

“And, for straight thinking and perceptive insight, your blog cannot be beaten either. I certainly value every moment I spend immersed in this expertise.” –Marketing Director, Z2 Systems Ltd

“First off, I must say that I LOVE YOUR BLOG!” –Online Community Manager, Microsoft Corporation

“Our research team has identified your 2D Bar Code Strategy blog as one of the most informed and informative blogs in the area of  2D tags. We are impressed with your analysis and knowledge of the field…”–Senior Consultant, Innovation International Media Consulting Group

“I’ve really enjoyed your blog and have great respect for your practical insights on 2D bar code applications.”–CEO, Indigitous

“I think your piece…says it all….excellent!” –Manager, Business Development, Microsoft Corporation

“I do read your blog. It is excellent…”–Executive Vice President, Nellymoser, Inc.

“I was on your site and am thoroughly impressed about the depth of your info and how you approach the topic with a real world perspective and the customer experience being the focus.” –Owner, Xhibit Solutions

“Please know that your input on our use of 2D Bar Codes is well-noted and appreciated.” –Assistant Director-Advertising, Principal Financial Group

“I love your 2D Barcode Strategy blog posts. It’s a terrific, well-written, informative, intelligent survey of this space. Much appreciate.” –CEO and Chief Creative Officer, GREAT!

“I find your posts important and informative to the development of the QR business.” – President, The August Group

“Your work is outstanding.” –President, Artin Arts

“Roger, thanks for bringing to light companies using these codes and offering your opinions, which are usually spot-on.” –Marketing Solutions Provider, ImageSet Digital

“Roger, great insight and thoughts regarding the missed opportunity.” –Director of Business Development, Scanlutions

“Roger, totally agree with your assessment.” –Vice President, Sales, Pictorial Offset Corporation

“…thank you for providing interesting material.” –Community Manager, Sparksheet

“Great resource, Roger, thanks!” –Digital Development Strategist, Red Hawk Technologies

“I enjoy following your 2D bar code blog.” –CEO, IDNoptions

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