It’s the User Experience, Stupid

This photograph was sent to me by Patrick Donnelly of QRArts, and illustrates the point that user experience should and must be on top of mind when developing and implementing a 2D barcode-based advertisement or campaign. Let me set the scene. The billboard is located on the second floor of a suburban shopping mall and […]

Goldman Sachs uses QR Code

Look at the top and middle images below…see anything different between the two? The top image, which is a full-page advertisement by Goldman Sachs, displays a QR Code (lower left hand corner). The middle image, the same exact advertisement by Goldman Sachs, does not display a QR Code. A mistake? Probably not. An A/B split […]

Club Monaco uses QR Code

Club Monaco, the clothing, accessories and home furnishings company, is using QR Codes in their store windows to promote its new Spring Collection. With no descriptive and/or instructional copy other than “Check Out the Behind the Scenes Video,” I believe the company feels as though its target market is comprised of 2D barcode early adopters […]

Are 2D Barcodes Worth the Hype? A Response

On Thursday, an article appeared on Fierce Mobile Content’s website titled, “Are 2D Barcodes Worth the Hype?” and although the author writes about 1,800 words in the article, I believe she fails to really answer her own question. Yes, the author provides a great deal of background information about the various 2D barcodes and platforms/vendors […]

Neustar uses Data Matrix Code

Neustar, a provider of solutions and directory services to enable trusted communication across networks, applications, and enterprises, placed this banner ad in a recent National Retail Federation e-newsletter. Rare is it to find a B2B 2D campaign, but not so rare is it to find a less than ideal 2D experience. For starters, of the […]

How Not to Use a QR Code

Commonwealth Worldwide, a limousine rental company, recently placed this QR Code-based advertisement in Gotham magazine and the experience using the code is, quite frankly, miserable. First, the QR Code cannot be easily scanned, because 1) the code is too small (should be no less than 1″ x 1″) and 2) the code is too dense […]

Zonin Prosecco uses QR Code

Zonin, vintner of Prosecco sparkling wine, has launched a new campaign in Gotham magazine, which features a QR Code. The ad is visually stunning, and I would expect nothing less from an advertisement placed in such an upscale magazine as Gotham, but it’s a shame that the company put more effort into letting readers of […]

Porsche uses Microsoft Tag

Porsche recently launched this print advertisement to promote its new Porsche Everyday campaign. Featured in the ad is a designer Microsoft Tag. Before analyzing the scan resolve, let’s take a look at the creative. To begin, the company has chosen to develop and make use of a designer Tag. The standard Microsoft Tag makes use […]

2D Barcode Expectations

In many of my 2D barcode campaign reviews, I comment about code scan expectations and how an advertiser should provide some sort of clue or description along with a code, so that a consumer will know where they are being directed or what action they can expect next, once a code is scanned. While that […]