File This QR Code Campaign Under "What Were You Thinking?"

This Verizon out-of-home billboard, which features a QR Code (see lower left-hand corner), was spotted at a near-by shopping mall. In viewing the placement of the billboard and the way the code was generated, my question to the company’s marketing/creative brain trust is, what were you guys thinking? For starters, the billboard is located on […]

The Marketer’s Dilemma

From one market research study to another, from one industry trend report to another, the results are in and they are all very consistent: the ownership and use of mobile phones, specifically smart phones, is on the rise globally and there are no signs which indicate that this will stop or reverse itself any time […]

The Final Word…A QR Code /NFC Research Study

The other day, an article ran on MarketingVox titled, “The Final Word (Maybe) On Whether QR and NFC Really Work for Consumers.” The article opens with this paragraph: “There has been plenty of doubt cast on whether consumers are as enamored with QR Codes and Near Field Communication technologies as marketers are. Now, an experiment […]

Attn: All Media Buyers

If you are a media buyer tasked with researching and purchasing space for an interactive advertisement which makes use of mobile barcodes, digital watermarks, visual search, augmented reality, etc., here’s a clue…find a location that has Internet connectivity 24/7. Failure to provide consumers with the ability to interact with the advertisement, when they want to, […]


Over the past couple of weeks, wtfqrcodes, a website that posts images of some of the dumbest and most ridiculous commercial uses of QR Codes yet to be seen (even more so than what’s found on this blog) has been gaining a lot of attention, and rightfully so. While a website like wtfqrcodes may poke […]

Have You Seen One of These Yet? You Will.

As companies start to add the Pinterest icon to their other social site icons (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Flickr, Google+, etc.), whether it be for marketing collateral, advertisements, packaging, in-store signage, event signage, etc., might it also make sense to add the Pinterest icon to their mobile barcode-based campaigns (read: enable Pinterest interaction via […]