City of Santa Monica uses QR Codes

Recently, the City of Santa Monica launched a QR Code-based out-of-home campaign to promote two local summer-time events, “Cinema on the Street” and “Dating Downtown.” As always, it’s great to see local communities making use of 2D technology but, in this particular instance, most every marketing related best practice has been simply ignored and, I […]

Government use of QR Code

The other day, my family received this direct mail newsletter from Liz Krueger, a local New York State Senator. Good luck trying to scan the QR Code. I tried for some time and wasn’t able to, because it’s too small and too dense. Either Liz and her marketing/technology team did not do a decent enough […]

La-Z-Boy uses QR Code

La-Z-Boy, the furniture company, recently launched a magazine print campaign, which features a QR Code.  To begin, the QR Code is prominently displayed in the ad and next to the code is copy (Scan this QR Code to learn more about the furniture featured in this ad.), which serves three functions, 1) it instructs the […]

How to Select a 2D Barcode Provider

As a company considers the use of 2D barcodes for advertising, promotion or general business purposes, the one question that will inevitably be raised or asked by the organization’s marketing and/or creative team is, how should we select a 2D barcode provider? Before delving into this subject matter, let’s first define what is and/or makes […]

Augme Buys JAGTAG, Who’s Next?

This morning, it was reported that Augme purchased JAGTAG for approximately $5.25 million. Over the past several months, there has been some speculation about whether or not the 2D barcode industry will start to see some consolidation of providers/platforms, is this the opening salvo? One item to note or question about the purchase. The press […]

My Apologies

For those who regularly follow this blog, as well as for those who may have been referred here, please allow me to apologize for any inconvenience that you may have experienced the past day or two with respect to locating the blog’s new URL address. In summary, yesterday, a most unexpected administrative glitch occurred and […]

Zappos Pre-Announces use of QR Codes

The other day, Zappos, the online retailer, announced via a New York Times article that a new multi-channel advertising campaign will be launched in the next few weeks and, when it does, QR Codes will be featured in their magazine print ads. The premise behind the campaign is to promote the fact that Zappos is much more than shoes and […]

Valpak uses SPARQ.ME QR Code

Valpak, one of the leading direct marketing companies in North America, is teaming up with SPARQ.ME (formerly SPARQCode) to launch a new direct mail package on behalf of two of its partners, TNT and HGTV. Valpak wanted to deliver greater value for these two companies above and beyond a simple print advertisement, and thought QR […]

Indie 103.1 uses Designer QR Code

Indie 101.3, a Los Angles-based radio station, has started to advertise using designer QR Codes. This particular code, which was crafted by Warbasse Design, resolves to a mobile website where people can listen to the Bob Forrest show “All Up In The Interweb.” The advertisement provides solid instructions on what to do regarding the code […]